How will I evaluate the benefit of counselling for me?

During your initial counselling sessions you will begin to outline your goals for therapy. You will be encouraged to periodically review the extent to which you approached, revised or attained your goals.

What goes on in a typical counselling session?

Typically, your therapist will take a history; inquire about relevant thoughts, feelings, behaviours, relationships and stories. From this point, you and your therapist will start to formulate personal goals in the therapy process. Your therapist will pose questions that may help you develop greater curiosity and interest in your experiences, view your situation from different perspectives, work through all ranges of emotions and support your personal development.

How long will counselling typically take?

Depending on your needs, situation, and stage of life, counselling may be brief, limited to several sessions, or longer in term. Most clients start counselling on a weekly basis; subsequently some clients reduce the frequency of meetings, or book sessions on request.

How soon can I get started?

After your Intake, your therapist will be in contact within 2 weeks or less to set an appointment time.