Alan Stamp

Alan StampClinical Director
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Since 2007, Alan Stamp has been  the Clinical Director at WCWG. Alan has spent all his professional life in the helping profession, working for family clinics and agencies since 1980. As well as being extensively trained as a family therapist, Alan was also trained in the Alexander Technique which is used to reduce harmful tension in the body. Alan has been additionally trained in Hypnosis for clinical applications such as anxiety reduction, moving through loss, decreasing sleep difficulties, gaining confidence  and other creating personal strategies that clients can use immediately at home.

Alan also graduated from a 4 year programme and Internship in Family Therapy and has been associated with the Pacific Coast Family Therapy Training Association (PCFTTA) as a therapist, instructor and Clinic Director from 1990–2004.

Alan has facilitated and taught Family of Origin classes, clinical practice and family theory courses, mentored graduate students, published articles on loss and bereavement and has been a guest speaker on local radio programs where he has spoken about the effects of depression in men.

Alan has given many community and training lectures which have included varied topics such as Wellness, The Family Life-Cycle, Addictions, Sexuality, Couple’s Development, Anger Management and the use of Art and Metaphors in Therapy — all of course with a family systems perspective.

Alan’s clinical orientation is Family of Origin – he adheres closely to the theory and practice of family systems, and brings much enthusiasm to his clinical work with a variety and constellation of clients — individuals, couples and families — in the therapy process. Alan’s guiding philosophy is that the “past is very alive in the present”. At WCWG, Alan conducts the clinical intakes, makes recommendations for the direction of therapy, refers the client  to one of the WCWG therapists and supports the clinical counselling team in their important work.

Alan is able to see a limited amount of ongoing clients through the year.  Please call Alan to inquire about your wellness concerns.