Alan Stamp, PCFTTA
Clinical Director
t. 604-637-3309 e.

Ellen Bick, PCFTTA
Family Therapist
t. 604-558-5704 e.

Who We Are

West Coast Wellness Group is the clinical counselling department of Jewish Family Service Agency of Vancouver, BC.

WCWG has an experienced team of therapists who have been trained in a variety of therapeutic disciplines such as family systems, couples counselling, individual psycho-therapy, EMDR, brief or solution-focused therapy, youth counselling, life-coaching and group therapy practices. For information about our team, please see our therapist profiles. We are proud to offer services on a sliding scale to the Jewish and non-Jewish community. Please contact us to inquire about the fees for services provided by our group.

West Coast Wellness Group Stands For

  • Professional services to members of the Jewish community and other cultural groups
  • High quality and confidential counselling services offered by skilled and caring therapists
  • Contact with other groups at JFSA

Our Approach to Therapy

Often a person may be ambivalent about attending counselling or therapy, asking themselves, “How do I know if I need therapy”?

Concerns and/or worries can be rooted in the past or present and affect one’s sense of well-being. For some people, those worries can become so large that they aren’t able to attend to other aspects of their lives. Some people may experience feeling anxious, being “unwell”, feeling angry, irritated or sad. There might describe physical complaints such as headache, stomach distress, fatigue or restlessness. A state of being dissatisfied or overwhelmed with one’s circumstance is a good indication that professional help is warranted. Therefore, many people express that it’s beneficial speaking in confidence with a professional therapist. Some of the concerns affecting well-being could include:

  • Relationship difficulties with family, friends or colleagues
  • Relationships that are abusive emotionally or physically
  • Family issues with partners or children
  • Issues regarding sexual health and/or sexual orientation
  • Parenting issues
  • Separation or divorce
  • Blended family issues
  • Trauma, or traumatic life-events
  • Significant changes in or to the family structure
  • Lack of confidence, feelings of inadequacy or insignificance
  • Depression/profound sadness; isolation, emptiness or feeling unloved
  • Self-harm behaviours such as misusing alcohol, drugs or physically hurting oneself
  • Anxiety; feeling panicked, overwhelmed or out of control
  • Bereavement due to the loss of a loved one
  • Personal growth, exploration and development

Why Approach Us Now

The counselling team at WCWG believes that that individuals and families are resilient and are able to discover new ways to deal with the problems that life presents. The role of your therapist is one of a guide, being curious and interested in your experience, posing helpful questions, encouraging different ways of thinking, helping you to work through all ranges of emotions, reflecting on your personal experience and supporting your development in the most effective manner possible. The role that the client plays — that of being an active and fully participating partner in the therapy process — is the best indicator that therapy will be useful.